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October 31, 2011
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Chi-Chi always had a hard time getting enough food on the table in the morning. With Goku and Gohan both stuffing their faces with food, like they were starving to begin with. How she kept the grocery bill under a hundred dollars was a wonder to the world with two hunger Sayians at the table. "Goku, Gohan, breakfast is ready!" Chi-Chi called out to her two men that were off practicing their fighting moves.

Out of the blue Goku and Gohan rushed into the dining room and began to quickly gobble all of the condiments that were presented before them. Chi-Chi would have to go to the grocery store again for more food. She was surprised that her grocery bill hadn't spiked to the roof yet. She just hoped it stayed that way.

Everything started off normal, Goku and Gohan clearing the table clear of food in two bites. Chi-Chi was surprised that neither of them were choking with how fast they were sucking down the food. When people complain that their boys are nothing but endless pits, they're just over exaggerating, they have nothing on her boys. They were  the true bottomless pits. She wished so badly that she was blessed with girls that showed table manners. Alas, that was only a dream and nothing more for Chi-Chi.

That's when Gohan broke away from the norm of eating and stop all of a sudden, stunning both Chi-Chi and Goku, "I've noticed something."

"What's that Gohan honey?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Why doesn't Mr. Piccolo Jr. ever take off his Namekian shoes when he's at the beach, in battle, swimming, and when he's inside apartments, buildings, hotels, houses, motels, and resorts?" Gohan said, setting down his bowl of rice.

Silence filled the kitchen, Chi-Chi and Goku were expecting a question like 'where do babies come from?' but this question caught them off guard. They didn't even know why Piccolo Jr. wore his Namekian shoes inside buildings. It was usually customary to remove shoes once inside a building or a home, "I have no idea son," Chi-Chi said as she cleared the table.

"Come to think of it, you're right, I haven't seen Piccolo Jr. without those Namekian shoes ever. There has to be a logical explanation for this." Goku pondered this for a moment.

They soon began to recall the times they have been in situations where shoes must be removed but Piccolo Jr. would never take off his Namekian shoes.The time where they were at the beach and everyone was barefoot and feeling the sand between their toes. Piccolo Jr. on the other hand was still wearing his Namekian shoes.

Then it hit them, something that was right before them the whole time. They begin to realize that his Namekian shoes are weighted and suspect that's he's keeping it a secret that they're not weighted and never wants to take them off at the beach, in battle, swimming, and when he's inside apartments, buildings, hotels, houses, motels, and resorts, never have his bare feet shown, and he doesn't want to see his bare feet, because it would embarrass him if he took them off. That's when they hatched up a clever plan to do a bare feet tickle torture Piccolo Jr. and see what is the deal of Piccolo Jr.'s Namekian shoes.

Chi-Chi, Goku and Gohan piled into the car and began their search for Piccolo Jr. They found him meditating in the woods. They quietly got out of their car, grabbing a rope. They crept closer to the Namekian. They sneakingly attack him while he's meditating, wrap a rope around his body, and bind him.


"We know and suspect your secret that your Namekian shoes are weighted and why you never want to take them off at the beach, in battle, swimming, and when you're inside apartments, buildings, hotels, houses, motels, and resorts and why you don't want to have to have your bare feet shown and why you don't want to see your bare feet," said Goku.

"Yeah," said Chi-Chi.

"Being barefoot is not that bad Mr. Piccolo Jr," said Gohan.


"What the big deal?" Goku asked

"The big deal is that I don't want to see my bare feet!" Piccolo Jr. exploded.

"If that's the case, then we're gonna do a tickle torture on you and tickle you Piccolo Jr," said Chi-Chi.

"What's a tickle torture and what is tickling?" asked Piccolo Jr.

"It's a fun time game we Earthlings like to do. It makes the victim laugh when getting the parts of their body tickled, like the chest, tummy, even the feet," said Goku.

"And that's what we're gonna do to you. We're gonna take your weighted Namekian shoes off and do a bare feet tickle torture on you," said Chi-Chi in a sinister grin.

Piccolo Jr. started to get scared and shocked, fighting against the rope but he still couldn't get out. "No. Please, don't take my Namekian shoes off? Please, don't tickle my feet?  Please, don't tickle my feet?" beggingly asked Piccolo Jr.

Goku grinned and said, "It's for your own good."

Piccolo Jr. beggingly asked again, "Please, don't take my Namekian shoes off?"

Goku reached over to Piccolo Jr.'s feet and slowly started to take his weighted Namekian shoes off. By their eyes, Chi-Chi, Goku, and Kid Gohan are finally excited to see what his bare feet look like. The weighted Namekian shoes started to slide off his ankles, which had the three red conjoined rings just like he had on his wrists, slowly moved over his heels, past his arches, and finally they started to slide off his toes, which all three parts of his feet were green and humanoid with five toes on each foot just like his hands were green and humanoid with four fingers and a thumb on each hand.

"NO!" screamed Piccolo Jr. He held onto his weighted Namekian shoes with his toes. Even though he tried to hold on to them with his toes, he failed and the weighted Namekian shoes popped off his feet, leaving his green soles and cute, bubble-like toes exposed.

"So that's what you're bare feet looks like Mr. Piccolo Jr," said Gohan.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?"yelled Piccolo Jr. "Please, don't tickle my feet? Please, don't tickle my feet? Please, don't tickle my feet?" beggingly asked Piccolo Jr.

Kid Gohan lightly tickled Piccolo Jr.'s right sole with his right index finger. Piccolo Jr. then started to giggle a little bit. "I knew it. You're feet are ticklish." laughed Gohan.

"You know what I'm thinking guys." said Chi-Chi. They then grinned at Piccolo Jr.
"What are you going to do to me.," asked Piccolo Jr.

They then had their fingers, wiggling and ready. "No, don't." said a shocked Piccolo Jr. They then took turns tickling parts of his feet with their fingers. Kid Gohan started to tickle Piccolo Jr.'s soles and toes. Goku then started to tickle Piccolo Jr.'s arches and heels. Piccolo Jr. then laughed hysterically. "EEEEEEEE NOOOOOOO HOHOHOHOHO PLEASE STOHAHAHAHAP HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAH AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DON'T TICKLE MY FEEEEET HIHIHIHIIHIIH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAH HAHAAHAHAHA! DON'T! PLEASE! STOP IT! PLEASE!", laughed Piccolo Jr. Goku and Kid Gohan then held Piccolo Jr.'s toes spreaded out. Chi-Chi started to scribble her fingers all over the sin underneath Piccolo Jr.'s toes and even in between his toes. Piccolo Jr. convulsed into a hysterical laughter. "AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAH! HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIIHIHIHIHIHIHI AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOOOOOOOO HOHOHOHOOHOOHOHOHOOHOHOOOHOOHOHO PLEEEEASE DON'T TICKLE THERE! AAAAAAH I CAN'T TAKE IT! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! NOOOoo ho hoo oh ho...!" Piccolo Jr. hysterically laughed.

Piccolo Jr. screamed, beside himself with hysterical laughter. He then fainted because of his delirious laughter and knocked out cold when the day was up. "That was fun," laughed Chi-Chi.
I've enjoyed that," said Gohan.

"Well, let's go home," said Goku. Chi-Chi, Goku, and Kid Gohan then started to go home laughing while they left a motionless Piccolo Jr. on the ground, still barefoot, but with the rope un-binded him and his weighted Namekian shoes were laying on the ground far away from him.
This is a story requested by :icondragonballfan2012: that I have finally completed for someone that is no longer of DA. So sad but it is complete and that is all that matters. :)
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hey is that story done
No right now I'm really busy with finals coming up. So it might take awhile.
how many days we talking bout
i have no idea it's kinda hectic right now
I really love this story. It's so funny. :laughing:
animeloverforever102 Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It better be I wrote it and it was your plot lol
Yes, it is and I like it. :)
animeloverforever102 Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
good :) lol
Thank you. :)
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